New Year's Consultation

New Year's Consultation

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Goal setting, resolutions planning, dream boarding—we all start the new year off with some kind of ritual or aspiration for the twelve months ahead. Take affirmative action and book an hour's coaching and/or consultation with Kate. 

Want to publish your book this year but don't know where to begin? This is for you.
Not sure whether you want to traditionally publish or self-publish? This is for you.

Finding it hard to commit time to your writing practice?
Wondering about the quality of your writing? 
Thinking of submitting a story to a journal or contest?

This. Is. For. You. 

J.E.C. is all about clarifying the oft-confusing and daunting world of publishing and placing the knowledge, the power, and the motivation in your hands. You can use this time to discuss the creative aspects of a chapter/short story that you send ahead of time or to ask all the questions you need, and just about anything in between. 

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