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The Codfish Dream: Chronicles of a West Coast fishing guide

David Giblin

Edited by: Kate Juniper

Published by: Heritage House, 2018

”David Giblin is a marvellous storyteller, and The Codfish Dream is a wonderful book: witty, whimsical, well-written, and a terrific read from cover to cover. Pour yourself a beverage of your choice (the author is partial to wine) and settle in. You’ll smile, chuckle, and laugh out loud on almost every page.”

Ian Ferguson, author & winner of Stephen Leacock Medal for Village of the Small Houses


Carpe Data: Connect

Jim Ryan

Edited by: Kate Juniper
Published by: FriesenPress, 2017

"Kate proved to be a great resource in helping to edit my book, Carpe Data: Connect. She provided valuable content that helped smooth the overall pace of the story, as well as insightful suggestions on areas where I needed to dig deeper to maximize its overall point and purpose. I am very much looking forward to working with her again on the editing of my second book, Carpe Data: Control." 


Five Ages of Canada

by Graham Gibbs

Edited by: Hayley Evans
Published by: FriesenPress, 2016

I really want to thank you for the meticulous work you did on my manuscript for Five Ages of Canada. Your initial "evaluation" was both generous and most helpful in (a) keeping me motivated and (b) me being able to do a better editing job prior to the Content Edit. Also, I am indebted to you for identifying inconsistencies and grammatical and spelling errors, which have saved me from much embarrassment.

—  Graham Gibbs, author of Five Ages of Canada

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CATALYST: Downward Spiral  /  CATALYST: Kingdoms of Sorrow
by JK Franks

Edited by: Kate Juniper
Published by: Red Leaf Press, 2016 & 2017

"I worked with Kate on editing my first novel. I found her to be exceptionally professional and more than just an editor. She helped take a challenging rough draft to a crisp, precise manuscript. I was impressed by her ability to make substantive edits and suggest alternatives that would work best in the story. In addition to her talent as an editor, her suggestions and consultation on writing and publishing have been invaluable. We have several more books planned in this series and I will absolutely work with Kate again if she is available."

Amazon reviews for both: ★★★★

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